Smiling Joe Kelly and The Anthony LaRosa

Boat Naming

On May 17th, 2013, Sebastian River Crew memorialized some of our shells that had yet to be named. The team decided to name the shells after those that had a huge impact starting our program.

Dr. P(eggy) Jones – Dr. Jones was the principal at SRHS when the team started in the spring of 2006. She was and continues to support our program. Her son Chris rowed in the lightweight 4 that was the first boat to medal at States.

Mr. Stutzke – Mr. Stutzke is the athletic director at SRHS. He was actually the interim coach when they first decided to try and start a program at the school. He along with Dr. Jones brought Coach Lange to the school to really get the team going in the fall of 2005. He has contributed to the program over the last 8 years and continues to support our program.

The Dasch – The Dasch is named after the Dasch family. Jennine served on the executive board for 6 years and saw both her son (Phillip) and daughter (Angela) compete for the Sharks. Bill Dasch could always be seen around the tent area making sure everyone was comfortable and having a good time.

J(ack) Keltner – Jack Keltner was a huge supporter of the program and what it did for his son John. He had a vision of what the team could become and as a result became the President of the booster club. He served on the executive board for 4 years. Under his time as president the team settled in to their boathouse, purchased a good deal of equipment, and fundraised a great deal of money.


The Smiling Joe Kelly” and “The Anthony LaRosa”

Boat Naming Campaign

$50,000 is our goal – We have raised over $21,865 so far! We can team up to reach this goal.

If you would like to donate or sponsor a seat please either mail in your donation to our PO box which can be found at the bottom of the page, or use the Paypal link at the bottom of the page. If you use Paypal, be sure to note that you would like to make a donation towards the Memorial Boats within the field provided.

We have been very fortunate to have such an outpouring of support from some wonderful individuals. We have already seen some generous donations, large and small, but when added all together it really makes something really special happen. So far we have raised over $20,000. Every little bit helps and your donations are appreciated. Help us reach our goal Below are the donations that we have received up to this point.


$99 – Below $100 – 249
Jon and Barbara HoffmanLee SmithPenny C. NorrisRosemarie SpytekRichard and  BarbaraSpataroDolores and Charles OliverSanta Mooney and Joann RoseCraig and Debra CourterPatricia KaneGeral and Patricia KaneChristopher GibsonSal and Joanne NappaS and Josephine NappaShannon Kelly

Daniel and Linda Place

Bob and Almeda Phillips

Lori and Steve Alexander

David and Patti Dabrowski

Sue and Tim Guy


Erik Zudans DMDDonadio and AssociatesTreasure Coast AlmanacDaniel and Pamela CasselsCappy Inc.Sarah and Vince SalvoChad and Jane BainbridgeElizabeth Miller-FoxJoan LaRosaBovina Inc.Tom BradyCheryl HuenekeKaren Chiarantona 
$250 – 499 $500 – 749
Laura GreenGunther and Joanna Hueneke TSB AssociatesRichard HopkinsShore Restaurants Group
$750 – 999 $1,000 – $2,499
Rene and Pete LaRosaKevin and Maria Kelly


Mike and Mary Jayne Kelley

Paula Patinella

James Kelly


The goal of this campaign is to raise money for the purchase of a new 8-man and 4 man shells for the varsity men’s rowing team and name in honor of our friends, Joe Kelly and Anthony LaRosa. The idea is to purchase space within the inside of the boat and put a message from you or your family in memory of Joe and Anthony, or perhaps just your names.  Another option is to combine your efforts with a group of people, for example a graduating class, or close group of friends.

We are still about a third of the way to reaching our fundraising goal. Even if you do not have enough money to reserve a space for a message, any little bit can help. Please consider donating to the shells that will carry on the legacy of these fine young men for years to come.

You can become a part of this very special opportunity.

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