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HIgh School 2020 - 2021 Season

Fall rowing is considered a club season, and a very important season. It is a time to strengthen -your skills on the water and to get in great shape heading into the training months and the spring racing season. The more strokes you take the better you will become. The best crews you see in the spring are those that take this season seriously. The more steady-state training and rowing, the better.

During the fall season, we will participate in two head races. (subject to change) These races are longer than sprint races and are not head to head. Head races are timed races over a distance that is more than double the distance we race in the spring. Winning a head race shows that you and your crew are not only rowing well together but shows your conditioning as well.

Spring season is our sprint championship season. You can see our success above in our graphics. It is not easy to accomplish what our team has managed over the last 14 years, but what is an accomplishment without the journey to get there?

We begin our season in December after the completion of the fall season. We continue our practice schedule from fall season through the months of December and January the focus is on gaining the fitness and strength needed to reach our goals of a State and a National Championship. If you are participating in another sport during the winter months we trust that you will be in shape by the time your season ends and you can begin rowing. In February we will begin racing and shift to mainly water practices. The races in spring are called sprint races and cover 1500 meters.

Beyond fitness and strength, we hope to continue to develop a sense of accomplishment and success while having fun within a team environment. Working together is key to our success on and off the water.


Practices: Monday - Thursday 4 - 6:30 pm and Saturday 8 - 11 am (Practices Begin on August 16th)

Coach(es): Coach Vaughn and Coach Lange

Program Goals:

  • Freshman/Junior Level (8th - 11th grade) - State and National Championships, the outline of the college recruitment process and begin Beyond the Boathouse personal development - Develop fitness and skills in both sweep and sculling boats. 
  • Varsity Level - State and National Championship, immersive college recruitment process, begin and progress through Beyond the Boathouse - Develop and perfect fitness, strength, and skills in both sweep and sculling boats.

Boats we will train and race in: Eights, Fours, Quads (sculling), Doubles (sculling), and Singles (Sculling)

  • Freshman/Junior Level 
    • Junior 8, Freshman 8 (4’s where applicable) - Junior and Freshmen 4x and 2x 
    • Varsity 8 or Varsity 4 and 2nd Varsity/Lightweight 4 - Varsity 4x/2x, Light 4x/2x

2021 - 2022 Schedule

Practice Schedule (practice Begins on August 16th)

10/9 - East Coast Classic (Home)

10/16 - Home Regatta (TBD)

10/30 - Halloween Regatta (Tampa) or Head of the Schuylkill (Philadelphia, PA)

11/20 - Head of the Hog (Sarasota)

12/11 - Fall Sprints (Tampa)

2/12 - Opening Day (Home)

2/26 - Sarasota Invite (Sarasota)

3/5 - Spring Sprints (Tampa)

4/2 - East District Championships (Home)

4/9 - 4/10 - Sculling State Championships (Sarasota)

4/23 - 4/24 - Sweep State Championships

5/27 - 5/28 - Scholastic Nationals (Must Qualify)

6/10 - 612 - Youth Nationals (Must Qualify)


Important Dates - Fall Season

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2021 - 2022 Team Information Presentation


  1. Become a member of iCrew -
    1. Visit iCrew and download the app to your phone. our Club Code is SRR 
      1. Create an account for each child that they will be able to log into each day
      2. Be sure to toggle the parent/guardian of a youth rower
      3. Be sure to toggle youth rower  
      4. Join the correct team. (this can be changed if a rower moves up a level during the season)
      5. You will receive communication as a parent through your rowers profile, but if you would like to create your own profile, please do so and join our parent group
  2. Set up Payments for fall, or the whole year
  3. Read, print, and fill out signature pages of our Team Handbook - Click below for the handbook
  4. Be sure to complete forms
    • USRowing Membership - Become a basic member or renew and sign the waiver (2WD3Z)
    • FSRA - NOARA From - Link will be forwarded to you when you register
    • Swim Test/Attestation