The SRHS Crew has excelled in these past years winning two State Championships, qualifying for Nationals for the past 5 years, participating at Nationals three times.   Four of our female crew members received over $80,000 in scholarships.  We also awarded $500 in additional scholarships to our graduating seniors last year.  SRHS Crew has become an example of dedicated teamwork that has paid off in more than just scholarships. The rowing program has helped our students develop a strong work ethic amongst its members.

Rowing is an expensive sport and each ‘Shell’ or boat can cost between $10,000 to $45,000.  In order to be competitive, our club team has purchased and financed several of these boats so that our athletes can row year round to keep fit and stay competitive.  Replacement oars for these boats are as much as $400 each.  Our athletes also use ‘Ergs’ (stationary rowing machines) all year round which runs about $1,000 each.

In order to fund our year-round needs, we hold three annual fundraisers. You can find information about each of our fundraisers below, or make a donation at any time. As always, your donation is completely tax deductible and greatly appreciated.

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