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Dear Community Supporter:

Sebastian River Rowing Inc. is very excited to offer you community recognition for our 2021 - 2022 rowing season in exchange for sponsorship.  We hope you will consider sponsoring the rowing program, which is entering its 16th season and has become one of premier rowing teams in the state of Florida., and this year we have seen our team grow to over 60 rowers! The team’s accomplishments have put our community “on the map”.  Rowing teams from around the state eagerly travel to our facility to compete in local regattas.  Additionally, many colleges from around the U.S. use our beautiful locale as a winter training site, including schools like Yale, Columbia, Northeastern, Georgetown, Rutgers, and a bevy of Northern Prep Schools.

Sebastian River Rowing has excelled in these past years winning 10 State Championships, qualifying for Nationals for the past 13 years, participating at Nationals for 5 consecutive years. Our crewmembers have received over $550,000 in scholarships.  We also awarded $2500 in additional scholarships to our graduating seniors last year.  Sebastian River Rowing has become an example of dedicated teamwork that has paid off in more than just scholarships. The rowing program has helped our students develop a strong work ethic, perseverance, and comradery,

We need the community’s help to make our wonderful community rowing program even better. Rowing is an expensive sport and each ‘Shell’ or boat can cost $10,000 to $45,000, oars are nearly $500 each, and rowing machines cost $1,000 each. In order to be competitive, our club has continued to provide this equipment so that our athletes can row year-round to keep fit and stay competitive. Beyond equipment, Sebastian River Rowing continually strives to offer the most cost-effective membership fees for our student-athletes in the State of Florida. Contrary to what many think, we are not supported by school athletic departments. Rowers and their families participate in a multitude of fundraising activities to raise the funds needed to compete, but we need the support from our local community to propel us to that finish line ahead of our competition.

This year marks our 2nd season as a full-fledged community club that will serve students from 5th grade – 12th grade, and community members at large. This will give us the unique opportunity to grow and serve more of our community and become an organization that our community can not only support, but also be a part of.

As a community organization we are ready to grow, and along with needed equipment, we will also begin our campaign to build the Tom Adams Training Center and fund our Angel Program that will benefit disadvantaged youth who are unable to afford to row.  We hope you will review the enclosed sponsorship levels, capital campaign and project costs and consider making a tax-deductible donation. This coming fall season we will host our May the Oars Be With You 5k, along with our East Coast Classic Head Race in October. In January we will begin our spring season that will begin with a Silent Auction Benefit Dinner. In February we will host our annual Opening Day Regatta and at the end of March, we will be hosting our District Championships.   We would love to introduce you to our program and experience the excitement of a race. By supporting the Rowing Team, you are helping to provide our local youth and community with a healthy opportunity to “Row their way to Success”. If you are interested please feel free to contact us: or

Florida Non Profit 501-c-3 #CH39831

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