Rowing Equipment


Sculling Oars

8 Sets of sculling Oars Purchased!

These will be used by our varsity boats, while our older oars will be specifically set for our younger rowers and newer masters



Amount Raised so far: $5,500 - Thanks to all of those that Donated and Contributed to the Snap-Raise Fundraiser!


Sweep Oars

16 Sweep Oars

These will be used by our varsity boats, while our older oars will replace some well-loved oars for our younger rowers and masters




2 Pair/Doubles

2 Pair/Doubles

 These boats will be used by all of our rowers. Oars will also be purchased along with boats


$19,000 ($9,500 each)


Coxed Quad


This boat will be used by all rowers. Oars will also be purchased along with the boat. (Sculling riggers will also be outfit one of our current 4’s)




Reconditioning of Older Shells

Reconditioning of Older Shells

Shells will be sent back to the manufacturer and will be patched, repaired, and repainted. 



Team Equipment


2 New Team Tents

2 Team Tents

 These will be utilized at all events, home and away.


$3,000 ($1,500 each)

Amount Raised: $3,000 Thanks to Felix Rivera's Grandfather!


2 Coaching Launches

2 Wakeless Launches

To round out our fleet of wakeless coaching launches that will be used for practices, races, and by our visiting teams.


$34,000 ($17,000 each)

Amount Raised: $10,000 (County Commision/Cares Act Grant)


Coxswain/Coaching Equipment

Coxswain/Coaching Equipment

This equipment is a necessity for coaches, coxswains, and our rowers. Equipment is used daily, and our travel cases will help protect and organize equipment when the team travels.




Outboard Motor Rack

Outboard Motor Rack 

This will be utilized during the late spring and summer months when all launches are not being used. Motors can be repaired and conveniently stored



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Shell Trailer

Shell Trailer

Our current shell trailer is older, yet in good enough shape to use for local regattas. A new trailer is badly needed. Our old trailer will be used primarily as a backup trailerCost


Scholarship Fund

Sebastian River Rowing's Scholarship Fund is designed to help those less fortunate to afford the sport of rowing. Sebastian River Rowing is committed to offering championship-level programming at a fraction of the cost of other clubs. Still, families are able to submit applications on a yearly basis and have up to 75% of the cost to participate and race covered by our Scholarship Fund. If you like to keep the sport of rowing accessible to all, please consider donating.


Goal: $10,000


Amount Raised: $500 In honor of Mike Abdul's Brother