Nationals 2019

This is what we came for! The pinnacle of our training, the most anticipated race of the season, “Nats” as we like to call it. After a dazzling finish at the Florida State Sweep and Sculling Championships, 4 boats are continuing their sprint work for a few more weeks in preparation for the SRAA, Scholastic National Championship Regatta.

We are thrilled to be taking the following boats of dedicated athletes to compete at the top level.

Girl’s Junior 4: Kalena Rutledge, Keilin Discenza, Emma Dingus, Ashley Ramirez and coxswain Andres Ruiz

Girl’s Lightweight Double: Kate Adams and Olivia Faria

Boy’s Junior 4: Vincent Esposito, Alex Tipton, Matt VanZuydam, Jeremy Phillips and coxswain Hunter Morrison

Boy’s Varsity 4: Darian Discenza, Josh Grimison, Gavin Quinn, AJ Inman and coxswain Matt Perakes

For the last year, a few of these athletes have had their sights set on climbing the ranks at the National level, after finishing lower than anticipated in Camden in 2018. The vision has been in clear view since the 2018 Girl’s Varsity 4 set the bar high with an incredible 3rd place overall finish, lighting a fire for the younger rowers.

Coaches, parents, and fellow teammates anxiously await the results of Friday and Saturday on Dillon Lake. Check back HERE for race times, results, and other info.