Our Vision

After two of the most successful years in the history of our program (2 consecutive National FInal Appearances), it is time for Sebastian River Rowing to outline the vision for the future of our program. The vision has been put together by our hard-working Executive Board and our invested coaches, however, it is our rowing community that will help our club reach the goals set forth within our vision.

Seniors 2018

2019 - 2020

1. Transition to Sebastian River Rowing Inc. - As of early 2019 Sebastian River High School Crew Inc. changed its name to Sebastian River Rowing Inc. This allows our team to be recognized as a community organization focused on organizing our fall club team and spring varsity program. This change allows Sebastian River Rowing Inc. to become more inclusive rather than exclusive.

2. Create Hybrid Club/Scholastic Programming - Beginning this summer we will offer rowing to all students in grades 6 - 12 in Brevard and Indian River Counties. In the fall we will row as a club team, in which rowers from all schools that are represented in our club will compete together within and outside of the State of Florida. This is no change to the structure that we have had for the last few years.

In the spring of 2020, we will row as both a scholastic program (Sebastian River High School Students) and as a club (Sebastian River Rowing Club/Canal 54 Rowing Club). Rowers from Sebastian River High School will be able to compete scholastically as our team has done for 14 years, and rowers in grades 6 - 12 that do not attend Sebastian River High School will compete for our club team. This will increase the opportunities for all rowers, including middle school aged rowers.

Junior Rowing Goals

  • Grow our programs to include at least 50 High School Rowers and 20 Middle School rowers.
  • Fall rowing will be focused on developing sculling and sweep skills and focus on racing our boats in the categories above if we are able to and monitoring the progress of speed and development. Sweep lineups will be based on speed within sculling boats determined at practice throughout fall practices. We will also focus on strength and flexibility development in congruence with continuing the idea of fueling our bodies correctly. Rowers will be encouraged to join other sports if they are interested, and we will be flexible in our training to allow them to do both if they would like. We will travel and compete in the Head of the Schuylkill in Philadelphia with rowers that have met time standards. 
  • Spring rowing will be focused on the development of speed and power while increasing competitiveness throughout practice on and off the water. Boatings will be determined based on times on the erg and in sculling and sweep boats. Rowers will be given time standards at the beginning of November with an eye of winning States and Nationals in the spring. Rowers in grades 7 - 9 will have the chance to compete in the U15/U17 National Championship at the end of May if they meet time standards. 

3. Start Adult Rowing Program - We would like to start an adult rowing program geared toward alumni rowers and parents, as well as parents of rowers. Our goal is also to appeal to rowers looking to train and race at the pre-elite/elite level on Canal 54. This program will begin in July 2019. There will be training and racing available in both sweep and sculling events.

4. Create Angel Fund - The Angel Fund is in place to help rowers who would need financial assistance in order to participate and compete at the Junior Level. This year Sebastian River Rowing would like to raise enough money to support 4 rowers.

5. Begin Training Center Project - During the 2019 - 2020 year Sebastian River Rowing will develop relationships with local leaders, organizations, and private entities in order to begin construction on the Tom Adams Training Center. The building committee will select the plan and then submit plans for approval while continuing to elicit financial and community support for the project. Money that has been previously raised will be used to begin the project in earnest once plans are approved.

6. Increase the Number of Teams and Individuals Training and Racing at Our Facility - Sebastian River Rowing is committed to adding to the number of rowers training and racing on the canal while ensuring that optimal training conditions and experiences are met.

7. Purchase Equipment to Match Vision - Our Equipment needs for the upcoming season are aligned to meeting the vision for 2019 - 2020. Fundraising events, grants, and Public and Private Partnerships will be sought in order to ensure that all needs are met. Below is a list of equipment in order of importance.

  1. 2 Wakeless Launches
  2. 16 Sweep Oars
  3. 6 Model D Ergs
  4. 2 Used Lightweight 8's for our Middle School Program
  5. 6 Singles